“Ghost Stalkers” star, David M. Rountree’s Alleged Stolen Valor!

This guy is a real piece of work.  It is unbelievable that this one man has over 300 pictures… of himself! He’s bragged for years about accolades he never earned and challenged people to “Google him”.  And they did. He attacks anyone who questions him but then says that people need to think critically.  Why can he question other people and attack their credentials when he knows damn well he lied about his?  But the worst thing is, this guy committed STOLEN VALOR!  If he did serve in the Air Force, then he’s an even bigger piece of crap because he knows better.  He wasn’t at those places in Vietnam and he didn’t win those awards.  Read on….(click the Rountree expose link) Rountree expose


Something isn’t right about this uniform… especially since he only served 6 years. Can you figure out what all is wrong?

This guy.... I mean really? For your enemies???

This guy…. I mean really? For your enemies???

20 thoughts on ““Ghost Stalkers” star, David M. Rountree’s Alleged Stolen Valor!

  1. If the evidence is true. This man is a disgrace to our country and those men & women who served & continue to protect our freedom. Unfortunately, this also applies to you dude…have some respect for our country!!! Man up and admit the truth.

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    1. Respect for our country and admit what truth? I respect our country. I served our country. I love our country. What “truth” am I not admitting? I don’t even know you and I know you don’t know me, so wtf are you talking about? (Laughing as I walk away, drinking my beer.)

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      1. It’s strange you refuse to do even the smallest response about your “credentials” which EVERY Veteran who honestly served and earned what they did would do in this situation. PROVE IT! Only fakes and posers would continue to argue and drag along.. How about you make the best of this situation and try to maintain SOME SELF-RESPECT obviously what little you have left. Be a man, have some integrity, David.

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  2. It’s an absolute disgrace what you did David. You talk about trolls but you are one. And I INVITE you to post my address and everything else. Unlike CLOWNS like you in the Air Force, some of us airmen aren’t complete tools and embellish our service. What a tool. You’re an embarrassment and there WILL be Justice!

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  3. Sorry this page is complete vicious melarchy, with antagonising statements and faked images. Put your pitchforks down ignorant villagers. Sheesh! Evolution obviously isn’t even handed. No one has any concrete evidence and innocent people are hurt by riotous, hateful natures. Take your own heads off first before condemning others.


    1. Jayni,

      1. I think you meant “malarkey” not “melarchy”.

      2. Faked images? Rountree commented on those very images in previous years with explanations. Therefore, where are you getting the idea the images are faked? He even explained the images HE POSTED ON HIS OWN SITES as his own.

      3. Concrete evidence is found in the NPRC records, his own photos, and statements from the institutions he claimed to have been at.

      4. “Innocent people hurt by riotous, hateful natures”? What exactly do you mean? Just because you have access to a thesaurus doesn’t mean that the words you are using are in the correct context. Rountree blasted a woman’s address on social media, also pulled records, posted photos, etc. He and his followers then attacked said individual as well as others with slanderous statements and aggressive tactics. He even posed in a photo aiming a weapon at the camera with the caption “For my enemies”. Why is he excluded from your comment? These photos and comments were made by Rountree prior to anything coming out about him. He was known for doing this.

      5. Maybe you should follow your own advice.

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      1. There are no faked images. The statements are truth, and if you feel antagonized by that, you have my sympathies. Must be very hard to live in a delusional world.

        And please…continue to tell the military groups that have called him out on this that they are being “riotous”. And if you don’t mind, pass me some popcorn. This should be good. And this is no “witch hunt” so please stop with those references. It deflects from the issue which is a proven liar getting exposed.


  4. Boom! Jayni: I believe you just got served. Nothing posted on here is false. All these claims have been meticulously researched and validated before posting. That’s guaranteed. You’re brainwashed dear. Was it the shirtless selfies or his many degrees that won your heart?

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  5. Poor Jayni seems to be another blind faith follower. Sorry Jayni but all the photos out there are Davids selfies. So are you saying that David faked all his photos to fool people? Ok, I can buy that.
    As far as evidence, I personally have letters from the colleges he claims he got his degrees from to include his PhD from Princeton in Quantum Mechanics. None have any record of him attending their colleges and A.U. says they never even offered the degree he claims he got from them. Oh, he was at Florida University but not as an Electrical Engineer. He was a senior electronic tech. Nothing he has ever said is the truth. A very sad person by all accounts.
    Now he can continue to threaten people but if he ticks off the wrong person, I wonder if his real job with NJ Transit would like to know what his actual education is. I hope he didn’t lie to them too.
    His paranormal career and celebrity is nothing and I doubt people care about that. Except maybe Destination America since they think he is a “paranormal expert”. I guess they don’t care the show now shares the same credibility as he has.
    He is nothing but a fraud, hoping his threats will get his followers to believe he is innocent and come to his defense on these blogs and posts like you did.


    1. Don’t forget, Kim, that Rountree posted those photos of himself in uniform years ago and actually commented on the same photos stating they were from his reunion for his squadron and his 35th Anniversary of his tour in Vietnam. But I guess Jayni and Rountree’s other followers continue to overlook that. Why don’t they comment about that fact? They seem to continually skip over that fact.

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      1. That’s true. They seem to think (like most liars) that another lie will erase the last one and make people think they are telling the truth. There is another now names Jesse Roth on Facebook who friended me some time back and has been trolling for Rountree. She is now upset with me because I uncovered it and outed here for what she was. LOL
        They are cowards and liars and it has gone to far for them to fix so they attack others with more lies. They also are dragging down their followers to their level as well.
        What they don’t realize is they can’t hurt us with lies. We aren’t making claims we can’t prove so no matter what they say it will be negated with our proof. I just posted some military things to my page. Just proof of what I say. Rountree can’t do that.
        They can’t do anything because nothing they have said is true. If it were, then they would be proud of their accomplishments and post their diplomas, etc.
        Hell, if I had a PhD from Princeton, you all would get sick of seeing it. LOL


      2. Exactly. We saw recently now one woman named Lisa was arguing with two military combat vets on some page saying that there’s proof of fraud from those exposing Rountree. However, she couldn’t produce anything to support that allegation. However, the other two provided proof that Rountree had lied and again mentioned the photos and Rountree’s comments. This woman completely avoided even commenting about that. Wonder why? She skirted the topic to how she’s the same as a military combat vet because she has family members that were in the military and she volunteers at military historical sites. What kind of hold does this guy have over these crazy people?

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      3. The woman you are probably talking about is Lisa Terio. She is another blind faith follower of Rountrees and friend to Jesse Roth.
        Her even thinking her relation to a service member makes her equal shows she is as delusional as Dave. If you look at Jesse’s FB page you will see she has as many selfies as Dave. Maybe there is a Narcissistic connection. lol

        I have asked myself the same question of what kind of hold he has on these people and have looked into a few of them. Most are people who are just like him. They have nothing going for them in real life so they have to make things up and gravitate towards others with the same character. He provides a type of companionship and importance because of his celebrity in the ghost hunting area, as long as they hang on his every word but as we know if you even question him, you are toast.
        All in all that are sad individuals with nothing but the internet where they can claim or deny anything and live in their false little worlds.


  6. You are not a paranormal investigator.You have been called out. The ghost adventure Halloween special, you were soooo fake, you know you threw the meter. I pegged you right off. Shame on you, if you want to do this, be honest,people are not stupid,we who take this serious get very pissed when people like you make it more difficult for real hunters to be believed. Do the right thing or leave it alone!


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