The Records PROVE Stolen Valor by TV Personality and Author, David Rountree

Eventually, all STOLEN VALOR POSERS get caught.  There’s this simple thing we can do as informed Americans about people whom we think commit Stolen Valor: Put in a records request under the Freedom of Information Act from the National Personnel Records Center.

HIS CLAIM:  He was an officer (O-3) who served from 1972-1976 and then in reserves from 1976-1978 – FALSE

TRUTH: He was an Airman First Class (E-3) who served from 1972-1974, with no follow up reserve time.

HIS CLAIM: He earned the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Silver Star while in the special forces in Vietnam – FALSE

TRUTH: He earned the National Defense Service Medal under Air Force Manual 900-3, which everyone gets when they join the military during a time of war and graduate basic training.  No other awards, decorations or skills were obtained during his service.  Which means, he should only have 1 ribbon on his uniform….not all of the ribbons, medals and badges he wore on his uniform at the Veterans Day photo in 2003.  He never made it to any unit in the Air Force and the only places he’d been while in the Air Force was basic training at Lackland AFB in Texas, and his AIT at Keesler AFB in MS. From there he was discharged from the Air Force.

HIS CLAIM: He was in special forces in the Air Force – FALSE

TRUTH:  He was a junior enlisted Flight Facilities Equipment Repair Airman….nothing to do with special forces or special operations.

Furthermore, Rountree cannot backtrack and say that he never said anything about earning medals, being at the Fall of Saigon, Mayaguez, and then being an officer in the Air Force.  As you read the first expose, you clearly see that it was actually all taken from his numerous social media sites and his comments in many different places.  In fact, his fiance even commented about his numerous medals she was looking at hanging on their wall. However, clearly he did not earn any of these. (See attached photo)

Lastly, he cannot claim that someone stole his photos, which was recently alleged, and photoshopped into the picture.  In the attached selfie he took and posted on Instagram, notice the photo he has on his wall in his office.  It is the same photo that was in the expose that he had posted on his military website.  If it was photoshopped, why would he have it mounted on his wall which was posted way before any of the allegations of stolen valor were ever made?

Since the first publishing of the Rountree expose, he has even further incriminated himself by taking down all of his websites referring to military service. Why do that if you have nothing to hide?  He has changed almost every bio he had published.  Why do that if you have nothing to hide?  He even went so far as to go into the Web Machine and save a downed page on April 4, 2015 so that his website could not be revived.  Why do that if you have nothing to hide?

At the end of the day, it has been proven that David Rountree has lied about his military service. His records speak for themselves. He fraudulently embellished his military record, which is in fact, Stolen Valor. (Click on the image for a larger view)

Here's the documented proof of Stolen Valor

Here’s the documented proof of Stolen Valor

Rountree's duty stations

This shows he never even made it to a unit. His only medal was a NDSM, which everyone gets when they graduate basic during a time of war.

Screenshot (92) (1)

Taken from the Website he was the webmaster of. He has since taken the website down.


Medals on his wall his fiance referred to when coming to Rountree's defense.

Medals on his wall his fiance referred to when coming to Rountree’s defense.

Statement referencing his shadowbox of medals

Statement referencing his shadowbox of medals

Proof photos were not photoshopped

Proof photos were not photoshopped


45 thoughts on “The Records PROVE Stolen Valor by TV Personality and Author, David Rountree

  1. Right, another smear campaign against someone in the paranormal. Does it make you feel better about yourself to destroy other people? What does David’s military career have to do with his research? That’s right — nothing! I know David and he’s a good guy, and this is just another para-hate campaign.


    1. Your not Lon Strickler. I know him and guarantee that those 2 are NOT friends.
      Coming out with your fake profile. Next thing your going to say your Zak Bagans.

      Your probably the sheep that strokes your idol rountree.

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    2. Let me ask you this question: How do you sleep at night defending someone who disrespects the valor from Vietnam Veterans who rightfully earned the awards he claimed he earned but his records prove otherwise? Does it make you feel better about yourself to destroy the honor and respect of the Silver Star?

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    3. To Dave for whomever actually wrote this. The answer is YES. I am a proud disabled VET and it makes me and all other VETS feel very good to expose any POS that fakes military service. The fact that he lies about that means he would lie about anything. As far as his research? His research has mostly been on the internet and ideas taken from others.
      I know of at least one place he absolutely lied about because I know the place intimately. Liars are not nice people but they do fool others into thinking so.

      This is NOT a para hate campaign this is a stolen valor campaign and the fact that he claims a silver star makes it a crime under the stolen valor law of 2013.

      Oh, and if this is not Dave or his girlfriend then we all feel sorry for you being fooled by him.

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  2. Mr. Strickler, I don’t care about the paranormal. I care about Stolen Valor. If he’s willing to lie about something that serious, what else will he lie about? Are you willing to look at the brothers who fought in Vietnam and say what’s the big deal? So you think that just because he’s done some research in the paranormal it’s OK to commit stolen valor and lie? I

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    1. Mr Strickler (The real one),

      After reading some of the other comments, I realize that the original post made by someone posing as you was done perhaps to bait people into thinking a certain way. It is really pathetic his fans are using this blog as a forum to persuade the non paranormal community to rally behind him. If he’s so innocent and is being victim to some alleged smear campaign, then why is he taking down all the previous websites, photos, links, bios, etc.? That’s a clear indication he is hiding and trying to cover his tracks. This is something we often see in stolen valor cases and is a STRONG indication of someone trying to cover their tracks. Again, this has nothing to do with any paranormal interest group. It only has to do with stolen valor.

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  3. What does it matter? ALOT. It shows a lack of integrity. What this article DIDN’T cover is how David (which I’m sure this is DAVID, another character you’re playing), has treated people in the community.Plus the way he (YOU) have gone out of your way to “expose” others for wrongdoing all the while being a hypocrit yourself. Some of those you’ve gone so far too post their home addresses. The hell with you ROUNTREE.

    What does it have to do with the paranormal community? Everything. You’ve yet another blemish on the community much like the guy traveling around with a fake frozen Sasquatch, you’re a joke.

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  4. I’m a Air Force Bratt born on Keesler Air Forces base, this is disturbing to me as the daughter of a disabled Sargent now diseased. Hmmm it hurts my feelings.


  5. Seems one of my posts has disappeared. No matter. Much more has come to light recently on his education as well. in the words of Air University where he claims to have gotten his B.S. in E.E. :

    Air University has never offered a B.S.E.E in Electrical Engineering. The information provided by this individual is false!

    Student Services

    Waiting on confirmation of his Masters at NJIT which is hard to get if you don’t have a Bachelors. lol I am thinking there is much more than just stolen valor here. However in all fairness in doing an investigation we must not just focus on the bad and must report everything we find. According to the U of Fla. : He was employed with the University of Florida from October 9, 1981 to March 8, 2001 as a SR. Electronic TCH. Not sure what the letters stand for but will find out.

    Are people still interested in the investigation? If not, I can stop posting.

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  6. Oh and Princeton were he said he got his PhD in 2102 said:

    We can find no record of David M. Roundtree as a student or graduate of Princeton University.

    Karin Burke
    Office of the Registrar


    1. I thought he said he purposely put out false information regarding his education to trap “stalkers” and “trolls”. Do you know anything about that?


      1. He may have said that but i doubt that it is true.
        Possibly if all the information he put out was done so in a relatively short period but it was all put out over a very long time to impress people.
        Besides, stalkers and trolls have a personal agenda. This all stems from an investigation into criminal behavior. (Claiming a Silver Star in the Vietnam war) The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 makes it a crime. A crime because it could be argued that he used all this information to make himself look important to further his career in the entertainment field. His securing several TV spots is enough to prosecute if they so choose. Meaning if the Stolen Valor team investigating this decides to push it and send the information to the government.

        Then again just getting the information to the public may be enough. It will at least make people aware to be careful who they trust when people put out this type information.


  7. Rountree did say he put up false info to catch “trolls”. But you know that is a lie as he used that same information at conferences, books, radio and tv interviews for years. The man is a phony and a charlatan.

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      1. One word, INTEGRITY… If you have to cast a web of lies. Continue to do so and then backtrack and attempt to blind the masses with more lies. Such as intentional lies to catch trolls. That’s the worst excuse from the photographs were photoshopped.. .oh wait they weren’t uhm…………… INTEGRITY he lacks it and has been caught up including his fake education.

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  8. The para-abnormal scene is all about pretend play science. So it doesn’t surprise me one bit when this individual played pretend soldier.


  9. Stolen Valor – what a fucking joke. How much valor is there for soldiers to be sent to foreign countries, not to fight for our freedom, but to fight for imperialism and corporate interests. I refuse to follow the lemmings who worship at the feet of anyone claiming to be a veteran, as if they are heroes or gods, when they are nothing more than mercenaries used by our fascist government to push their political agenda. They are NOT fighting for your freedom! That is nothing but propaganda! So whether someone served or only claimed to serve, I could not care less.


    1. People, don’t take this idiots comments to heart. He is trying to cause trouble and is probably Dave or another of his blind faith morons.
      We serve so idiots like you can use their free speech while hiding behind their computers with some stupid fake name to bash us. You are a typical low life but I support your freedom to say what you please.

      So now that, that was said lets address Stolen Valor. Any low life that makes believe they have done anything in the military doesn’t fall under the criminal definition of stolen valor but this POS has said he was awarded a Silver Star. That makes him even lower than you are. All the rest is just gravy for the goose. The government will be knocking at his door pretty soon.

      Oh and you are a Lemming following all the other POS who sit at home while people defend your right to do so with their lives. Just rambling on about things you know nothing about. So spout your babble you commie pos. You will be next. LMAFO…

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  10. This is a shame. I read David’s book and was blown away, he really opened my eyes to a scientific approach to investigating the paranormal. I then contacted him directly on facebook and he was quick to answer my additional questions. Then to see this, when he didn’t need to lie about any of it. This shows a serious character flaw, one which goes beyond just lying on the internet. It’s one thing to lie about college, it’s another to even claim you were an officer when you are enlisted, but it’s a whole new ballgame when you claim to have medals you never earned. Medals people have died for. That’s just fucked.

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      1. I write about him and exposed him already which is why he has been attacking me. He calls himself the fraud exposer yet he really is the fraud. Lol and even with proof he can’t admit to the truth instead tries to deflect on others.


  11. i have no idea why david rountree made the claims he made about his military service. what he does with his personnel life is none of my business. what i do know is he takes his paranormal research very seriously and is a extremly talented individual. his research and theorys on the paranormal are done very scientificaly ( something preciously few paranormal groups actualy do, despite there claims to the contrary!) this is why he is still respected by the majority of the paranormal community. this is shown by all the paranormal confrences, radio interviews and telivision appearences that he is still asked to do. there is not one of us who has not lied or done other things in our lives that we don’t regret. so while you point your finger, remember someone else is judging you!


    1. Oh wow. “Respected in the paranormal community” BFD…. So are dunderheads that get held in high regard for nothing more than being on TV. That’s like being the smartest person in a remedial classroom setting. He’s still attending lectures BECAUSE he’s been on TV. His “science” is nothing more than using big words to give the appearance of intellect, to confuse the simpletons who don’t understand his vocabulary. His degrees were fabricated through a unaccredited paper mill that has since been closed down.


    2. You’re right, people do things in their lives that they may regret. However, the difference is, usually someone who has a conscience and is “respected” owns up to them. Rountree has done nothing but deny, deny, lie to cover up, deflect, and deny again. That’s not remorse whatsoever. He keeps claiming photos were photoshopped, only he used the same photos years ago on his own timeline and commented that it was for an Air Force Vietnam reunion. He also had the same photo on his wall in the background on his twitter and instagram accounts months before all this broke out. If he’s willing to lie about Stolen Valor, and lie to cover it up, what else do you think he lied about? According to the Native American community, he’s lying about that. He lied about being a Police Officer in the Miami Riots and about being trained by the FBI as a Crime Scene Investigator, both of which are claims that are prosecutable. According to one reader (Kim) of this blog who has done extensive research, he also lied about his education. Why should anyone respect someone who has consistently lied about numerous things he used as his “credentials”? It’s not about judging someone. It’s about calling out their devious lies, their deception, and their lack of remorse. That’s pathological and scary. You know who else lied about their background and had a following like Rountree? Jim Jones.


  12. I haven’t commented since April because I thought people had enough and saw that David Rountree was a fraud on all fronts. I commented initially because of his service which hits a soft spot for me but I am also the one who researched his education because I have been studying the paranormal since 1976 and know for a fact nothing he ever stated was his own independent thought. He plagiarized writings, literally stolen ideas word for word from others and has not shown any scientific knowledge relating to the paranormal.
    It is sad that he still has blind faith followers. Now they too are seen, as he is seen for what he really is and represents. Remember the saying; “Share Victory – Share Defeat!” It applies very well here.

    Oh he has talent I grant you. He has the talent of deception. Unfortunately for him he went too far and aroused the ire of those who actually do the work, do the research and are what they say they are. It is easy for people to say David Rountree is talented, he is scientific in his theories and still has the respect of the paranormal community.
    However, they have nothing to back up their claims except paranormal conferences, radio and TV? Paranormal Conferences, radio & TV are the biggest jokes in the paranormal community. That is the entertainment side and NOT the academic of the paranormal and a sad reason for credibility claims. Anyone who has been around for a few years knows TV is all scripted and if they don’t then that is even more sad. Those are places for people to make money with their lies, phony work & gadgets, by selling them to the naive and gullible. That is the weakest proof I have seen mentioned yet.

    Unlike those who have come forth with the proof of his fraudulent practices, David has noting but blind faith followers with only his word that everyone else is lying and against him. Those who follow him are scrutinized by the real paranormal community quite sternly as well. Oh we all understand that there are more than just David out there. Maybe it was his threatening attitude and statements. His going after those who didn’t submit to his way of thinking and much more that got people checking into his background but you can rest assured of one thing. David IS NOT what he claims to be no matter how much he or anyone else says he is. If you make outlandish claims, you need proof. That is how it works in this world.

    Lastly, I have to say something about the words Theory and Scientific Theory. People use them so loosely that many think they JUST mean any idea. A theory must have some real work behind it, however slight and…

    Theory is not Fact

    a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.

    an uncertain belief.

    Scientific Theory

    A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment. Such fact-supported theories are not “guesses” but reliable accounts of the real world.

    So the next time you see someone spouting how Quantum Physics, worm holes and rocket science relate to the paranormal, try asking them what they have done to show that. Even Steven Hawkings theories are just supposition and David isn’t close to being in his league… lol


    1. Plainly- ask them to explain it in simple terms. If they cannot explain so everyone will understand, then they do not know what they are taking about.

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      1. Exactly! Even news paper publications are written at a 3rd – 4th grade level so everyone can understand what it being said. If he can’t put it into words a 4th grader can understand then how in the world can he use more difficult language? In order to understand the harder vocabulary one must first understand rudimentary terminology.


  13. I first came across Rountree listening to him bleat on not one but two Paratopia podcasts. I found it strange at the time as it was an old show that for all his scientific research claims he had never released any data. I even posed this question on the Paratopia Facebook Fan page that Jeremy Vanei and Jeff Ritzman post on and it fell on death ears from all members of that page.
    I almost got the chance to Meet him when he had a guest appearance spot at the Catfish Plantation Waxahachie Texas which was close to where I was residing at the time, but other commitments stopped me. Oh I wish I had to been able to verbally grapple with the man…. He is lying slime.

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    1. I seriously question his scientific research as lately many people have been discovering that his “research” was actually plagiarized from various places. He never cited his work, put the stuff in quotations, or gave any credit to the actual authors. He continues to do that to this day on almost all of his “inspirational” posts. I hope the scientific community starts to take a stand at his theft of intellectual property and gross distortion of what their research was actually about.


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