David Rountree’s Lies Come Full Circle

David Rountree continues to deny embellishing his military records.  Instead, he has launched his own attack at various groups and individuals who have questioned him, most of which have cited this blog, in recent days.  However, his recent explanation of the photos that surfaced were that they were photoshopped.

Note Rountree’s remarks about the photos (For a larger view of the photos, click on them).

NL convoNL Convo2

I will tell you, that the individual he claims to have written the expose and posted the photos is not the person(s) who actually did it.  In fact, the organization that posted about David Rountree initially has no clue who that individual is, nor do the other bloggers. Although I am noticing there are quite a few military people that are involved in the paranormal community, neither this blog nor the others (This Ain’t Hell, Military Phonies, and The Fake Warrior Project) have nothing to do with Mr. Rountree’s hobby of Ghost Hunting. In fact, The Fake Warrior Project works with the POW Network and specializes in exposing individuals caught committing Stolen Valor.

Nonetheless, in regards to Rountree’s claims that the photos of him in uniform were photoshopped, on November 5, 2011, Rountree posted his photo (the same photo that was published in the expose) in the group S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal Research Laboratory.  One person commented right away about something being wrong with his uniform.  Rountree claimed the photo was taken for his reunion of his former squadron.

Spirit lab 1

Again on June 12, 2009 he posted another photo of himself in uniform claiming it was for his 35th Anniversary of his Vietnam Tour of Duty. He claimed the photo above was taken in 2004. These photos were clearly taken on the same day, as one could tell by his face, as well as the fact that his tie was crooked in both photos.That would have put him in Vietnam in 1969. Rountree did not enter the military until 1972.  Rountree was still in high school in 1969.  In fact, at that time, Rountree would have only been 15 years old.

Spirit lab2

Again, these are the same photos that were in the initial expose, which Rountree claims were photoshopped.  What is even more confounding, is the fact that these photos were also hanging on his wall when he took one of his “selfies” and posted the same photo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. One can tell they are from the same photo reel because of the objects and the pictures on the mantle.  Although the selfie image has been flipped (which is obvious because of the side the medals are on the uniform) it is still the same individual in the same uniform.

Proof photos were not photoshopped

Proof photos were not photoshopped

Here is the same image of Rountree as shown on the wall behind him in the selfie photo

Here is the same image of Rountree as shown on the wall behind him in the selfie photo.

Needless to say, it does not take an expert to deduce that no one photoshopped any of Mr. Rountree’s photos.  Additionally, in January of this year, he was highlighted on a site and labeled as “Prominent in the Paranormal” in which he answered questions to the fans.  One individual wrote him personally to which he responded:

Mell convo

In this response, he claimed he was in for 6 years and was an officer.

I received word that Mr. Rountree has finally opened up about his feelings in regards to the expose and the publishing of his service verification under the Freedom of Information Act.  He made the following comments:

11117547_10155494244910217_1744608859_n11154093_10152980195563300_63490282_o (1)

There are several issues with his response.  Rather than directly discuss the accusations (the claim of his service in Vietnam or the medals he claimed to have won), he instead goes on an attack against someone he thinks wrote the expose, the blogs, etc. Furthermore, he couldn’t be more wrong about the information he put out regarding the Freedom of Information Act and how the records work at the National Personnel Records Center.  Even more puzzling are his bullet points (4) and (7).  What is Rountree trying to insinuate?  Is he implying that he will have his friends in law enforcement, government agencies, and the IRS cause issues for an individual or group just because he says so?  Wouldn’t that be a felonious act in itself? Regarding his bullet point (5), does he not realize him doing that is the very thing he’s crying foul about? In regards to his bullet points (3) and (6), what is he claiming was altered and does he have any proof?  I saw the original forms and can attest to the fact that they were authentic and in no way, shape or form were altered.  In fact, I even received a separate email confirmation:

FOIA Acknowlegement

The ironic thing is that Rountree is claiming that bloggers, radio hosts, commentors, criticizers are breaking federal law, when in fact that is what he is doing.  At no time has anyone broken any law.  No one hacked into any accounts.  No one falsified any information.  No one altered any government documents.  No one posed any death threats, etc.  All information was either shared thorugh public social media forums, emailed from people who have access to sites legally, or obtained from legitimate agencies using the Freedom of Information Act.  However, again, he DOES NOT address why he is wearing an officer’s uniform with Command Wings, a Silver Star ribbon, or even the Purple Heart ribbon.  Never has he directly addressed this information.

It is important to note, that at present, “New Jersey State law makes it a crime of the fourth degree to knowingly present oneself as a veteran or a member of the military with the intent to deceive, but not necessarily for the purpose of obtaining any kind of benefit, by wearing a military uniform or medal or insignia.” This can be verified at the following website: https://www.govtrack.us/states/nj/bills/413e4d3f5b59/s2704   Therefore, if anyone is guilty of breaking any laws, it is David Montgomery Rountree. 

Is he claiming there is a conspiracy against him from not just the organizations that are looking into him, but the NPRC and the Air Force Personnel at Keesler AFB as well?  All the information obtained were available under the Freedom of Information Act.  There have been no crimes committed by anyone doing the research and questioning of Rountree’s background. Even the initial expose did not claim Rountree was guilty of anything but rather he was being accused of Stolen Valor. As a public figure, Rountree is open to more scrutiny, especially considering he openly challenged anyone to who didn’t know him to “Google him”, which is also in his biographies on numerous sites.

What to many is most baffling, is Rountree’s behavior which has come full circle.  First, he made outrageous claims of being in Vietnam, being an Airman at Mayaguez and the Fall of Saigon, earning the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Then he issued warnings of exposing people who questioned him, claimed he received death threats on a radio show (which was later proven to be completely false), posted a woman’s address on Social Media, laughed when his fans called a military panel who was discussing Stolen Valor on a radio show “terrorists”, and issued out a warning to all who challenged him. Then he began taking down the PVT Camp Meredith Pool website and some of his personal social media outlets when people started talking about the controversy. Then he changed his bios on several other profiles as more people began questioning him. Then he told people, to include Mack Maloney, that he would not discuss the situation and that his photos were photoshopped. Then he posted the above comments, which actually were contradicted by his own postings yet again, and skirted the issues of his uniform.

Just playing Devil’s advocate, even if Rountree was in service for as long as he claimed to have been in, he still would not have earned the Command Flight Wings.  By his own admission, he was an Airman First Class and yet, he claimed to have been an officer.  Therefore, even without the records, Rountree’s lies still come full circle. However, anyone who has worked with the FOIA and have received service verification records all know what they look like when they are received, and Rountree’s records were NOT falsified by any means.

At what point will Rountree simply be a man and own up to the lies that he told? As Shakespeare wrote, “Oh the tangled web we weave, when we plan to deceive.”


5 thoughts on “David Rountree’s Lies Come Full Circle

  1. Rountree needs to realize that if he is recording IP’s and URL’s he can be charged with a crime and I believe it would be a felony. If he, or someone acting on his behalf, is doing this someone should contact the FBI and inform them of Rountree’s antics.

    Furthermore per US Federal Law to claim the PH, Silver Star or Bronze Star and wear these medals without actually earning them is a crime. Google this and you’ll see it’s not part of the current Stolen Valor law but a longstanding and separate law.

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  2. Typical poser defense 101 102 ans 103… You were busted dumbass. All you are doing now is making yourself look like a large industrial bucket of stupid and very desperate.


  3. Such is the nature of the internet that if you lie about something, sooner or later someone in the know will come along, spot the lie and out you for all the world to see. And not only just out you, but discredit you in every way possible. Others will appear and expose every falsehood until it becomes a feeding frenzy


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