For over a year, David Rountree’s military valor and history claims have been investigated by many people.  To put the controversy at rest, under FOIA, his DD214 was obtained to clarify his claims of military service and valor he has made in social media, print interviews, radio interviews, podcasts, as well as what he published in his biographies and in his book.  The DD214 was received with the official pressed seal of the National Personnel Records Center and has Mr. Rountree’s signature on it to circumvent any allegation that the document is fraudulent, photoshopped, or “falsified”.


A photo was taken of the bottom of the above document which shows the pressed seal of the NPRC along with Rountree’s signature, documenting its authenticity:


Just in case Rountree tries to claim that it is not his signature, it was also compared to his enlistment contract, which validates it was his true signature:

Enlistment contractEnlistment contract page 2

These records contradict his claims of service in Vietnam:





Additionally, here is his awards verification:


As you can see, David Rountree NEVER served in Vietnam and NEVER earned the Bronze Star or Silver Star.  He never earned any of the awards or badges as he displayed on the uniform he posted in three different social media sites in two different years as seen below:


2009 af REUNION

David Rountree’s awards were also confirmed by the Air Force. He did not earn any of the medals displayed on the wall as Brandy Eves stated he earned:

brandy statement

Statement referencing his shadowbox of medals



He also was never an officer as he posed in this photo:




Let’s clear two things up which I know are going to be issues that is going to be brought up by Mr. Rountree in defense of this post: Libel and Invasion of Privacy.

Mr. Rountree is/was a public figure that once bragged if anyone wanted to know about him to “google him”.  He was on TV, is an author with several books currently being sold.  In his self-published book, “Dark Lord: The first tome of the Chronicles of Greywolf and the Goddess” he states on page 493 that his “experience in Vietnam inspired him to write.”  He had a LinkedIn biography that he claimed he was in the Fall of Saigon and the Mayaguez incident.  He had a website in which he posted photos of himself in full Air Force dress uniform complete with medals and a biography that he was in Vietnam at the above incidents.  He also posted public photos of himself at different times on public social media groups the same photos and claimed they were taken for a reunion of his Vietnam tour.

For any cries of libel and invasion of privacy, Mr. Rountree opened the door for his background to be vetted and investigated.  In order to prove libel Mr. Rountree would have to prove without a doubt that what was said or written about him is not true. Nothing in this blog is false.  It is based on fact.

In regards to invasion of privacy, invasion of privacy occurs when you publicly disclose private facts not related to public concern. Because Mr. Rountree made so many public claims about his biography and his military service over the years, as well as it is published in his book currently being sold, the claims can be investigated for truth. Furthermore, he instructed the public to “google him” and he is a public figure, as he was on television and continues to do radio shows, has had articles written about him in numerous magazines, and does podcasts.  The facts that are shared above about him ARE REFUTING WHAT HE PUT OUT PUBLICLY AND THEREFORE ARE DIRECTLY RELATED TO PUBLIC CONCERN.





  1. Agreed! Now he’s claiming he’s being bullied because people are exposing his public lies. What he should be doing is apologizing to real Vietnam Veterans and the Veterans who called him out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All I can say is, WOW.

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this post until now. Can’t say I’m at all surprised by what’s being shown here.


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