Apparently, there has been some confusion to everyone who has followed my blogs on this particular site.  So, I figured in the interest of easier understanding, I’m going to break down all of David Rountree’s excuses and attacks barney style (that’s military jargon meaning to explain in a manner that a child can even understand).   But before I do, I guess I should clear some things up.

To be honest, I didn’t think that Rountree would go off the deep end with all his mudslinging and accusations as to my blog.  It see that he follows it.  The truth is, he doesn’t know me and outside of what he posts and shares that circulates around, I don’t know him.   I don’t care about ghosts or haunts and I don’t know all these names he’s rattling off, and don’t care.  Outside of me contacting them and asking them questions on top of asking them to provide proof of their own claims, we have no personal relationship.  If he published a name somewhere saying they know something about his stolen valor, then of course, I’m going to look them up and contact them as well.  It’s fair game.  If he opens the door, I’m going to walk through it.

I do know Scott Hughes, however, and I also know the sites Military Phonies, This Ain’t Hell, Stolen Valor and Guardian of Valor.  Everyone in the military does. I AM familiar and have talked to the many people in those forums who are legitimate veterans and are serious about David Rountree committing fraud.  I am also familiar with the Koh Tang/Mayaguez incident and know many, many Vietnam Veterans.  So to break it down, this blog has nothing to do with his ghost hunting groups but it has everything to do with his military stolen valor, which I am about to completely break down along with proof of service from many of the military commentators.

First, it’s only fair to post what Mr. Rountree commented, as he is stating he NEVER POSTED HIS MILITARY PHOTOS and that he basically NEVER made any military claims. (Click on the photos for a larger view of them).



On JUNE 12, 2009 he posted the following photo and commented on it:

2009 af REUNION

On NOVEMBER 5, 2011 he posted in S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal Research Laboratory:


He once was the Webmaster of a website for the Sons of Confederacy, Camp 1505 Private Meridith Pool (the page has since been shut down by him) in which he posted the following photos (NOTICE THE PHOTOS ARE THE SAME AS THE ONES HE COMMENTED ON YEARS BEFORE AND HE NAMED HIMSELF THE WEBMASTER):

Screenshot (92) (1)11137120_10203191516503861_1584195151402257182_nWEBMASTER

On Twitter and Instagram he also posted the following photo (Look on the wall behind him…notice the picture?)


He published a book which is sold on Amazon called Dark Lord : The First Tome of the Chronicles of Greywolf and the Goddess.  It is a SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK, and after calling the publishing company and going to the website, this was confirmed.  On PAGE 493 in the actual book, one can find his claim of how his alleged Vietnam Service propelled him to write (the second photo is his bio on Amazon, which self-publishers upload):

pg 49311125229_10155495380905217_1127432506_nAMAZON

He also uploaded the same bio with the same claim of Vietnam service on several different pages, here’s another one in which he referred to himself by his old penname, Greywolf:


  He also posted this photo of himself wearing Air Assault Wings and the unit patch of an Air Force unit that he was never in:


Then there’s his account bio that he recently changed after allegations of Stolen Valor came out:


And the infamous photo he uploaded onto on December 29, 2012, in which he is wearing an U.S. Army Captain’s beret, with Captain’s rank:


So for all those people that said, to include Rountree himself, that he never commented or publicly posted any photos or claims of military service, the above ABSOLUTELY PROVES THAT IS A LIE.  For those that keep circulating that the photos were photoshopped, his OWN COMMENTS ON THE SAME PICTURES SUPPORT THE FACT THEY WERE POSTED YEARS BEFORE THE ALLEGATIONS STARTED AND ALSO ABSOLUTELY PROVE THEY WERE NOT PHOTOSHOPPED.

Yesterday, he publicly posted in two different places allegations against Scott Hughes of the Fake Warrior Project, the Military Phonies site, and the This Ain’t Hell blogsite.  In his words, they were responsible for doctoring government documents, as well as were responsible for the suicides of 27 veterans.  He also claimed that Scott Hughes was dishonorably discharged and was a deserter from the United States Marine Corps.


Scott Hughes sent a copy of his Honorable Discharge and his DD214:

hughes honorable dischargehughes dd214

Jonn Lilyea, author of the This Ain’t Hell Blog, and contributor to Military Phonies, had his response to the allegations made by Rountree:

“For one thing, there has been only a few attempts at suicide, only one was successful and that fellow tried to make it look like Navy SEALs had killed him. Some of the suicides we’ve been accused of causing were two people who actually died from a lifetime of drug abuse. I don’t think they were attempting suicide, they just died because their bodies were tired of the abuse. Like their stolen valor, the folks who actually tried to kill themselves made those poor choices themselves. One fellow who had attempted suicide had ripped off two veteran charities of thousands of dollars. He had never served in any military organization, ever. Another, tried to make his suicide look like we had shot him – he’s facing charges for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

I’ve had families tell me that their family member would die if I published my research, but when I did publish it, not only didn’t they die, they were caught in another state doing the same thing all over again. Many have made their fake military service the centerpiece of their entire life. We even had a fake Navy SEAL hire a hitman to make us take down our website so he could go back to being a phony SEAL.
We don’t know how to “doctor” documents. With as many phonies as there are out in the world, we certainly don’t need to make any paperwork up. There are more than six hundred on our website. One or two more or less wouldn’t make a difference.”  Lilyea supplied his DD214 (lilyea dd214) to prove his honorable service and discharge.

Kim Kowalczyk, who works with Law Enforcement, also called out David Rountree.  He specifically commented to him,

    “Your military service. I am a year older than what you said you are and I did a career in the military and know how it works and what went on during Vietnam and it’s official end in 75. You can have the paranormal with all the phonies out there but you can’t belittle the U.S. Armed Forces by lying about service. So rant away, I can’t be intimidated. I give you the benefit of doubt on the military for the time being until I check. If you are telling the truth I will write a beautiful retraction. If you are not telling the truth… well, that will be up to the government. Embellishing is one thing but lying is quite another.”

Mr. Kowalzyk ALSO provided his DD214 and discharge certificate as proof of his honorable service:

Kim's DD 214 1990 Kim's Discharge 1990

As far as the suicide allegations, there have never been any investigations, notices, subpoenas, or anything else ever linking the above individuals to the suicides other than the BLOGS WRITTEN BY PEOPLE WHO WERE CAUGHT COMMITTING STOLEN VALOR.  That’s right, the rumors were started and circulated by individuals who were caught committing stolen valor.

Furthermore, one needs only to contact the STOLEN VALOR group ( (they have been interviewed, conferred with by LEOs, and was even referred to by senators and congressmen when the Stolen Valor laws were really being pushed), and ask them about Hughes, Military Phonies, and This Ain’t Hell.  Keep in mind, lawmakers in New Jersey reached out to Former U.S. Army Sgt. Anthony Anderson, who founded the Stolen Valor Facebook page and Guardian of Valor website when they were drafting the recent Stolen Valor bill in their state, which actually exceeds the standards of Federal Law.They are very familiar with the case against David Rountree as well as Scott Hughes and Jonn Lilyea, as the founder of that group has actually commented about the attack on Hughes’ character and defended him.  So that should put into perspective the fact that Rountree lied again.

For those that say Rountree has committed no crimes you may want to rethink that and if you’re still unsure, you can find out more about how it IS a crime by clicking this link:  Remember in New Jersey, “Currently, state law makes it a crime of the fourth degree to knowingly present oneself as a veteran or a member of the military with the intent to deceive, but not necessarily for the purpose of obtaining any kind of benefit, by wearing a military uniform or medal or insignia… Federal law prohibits both the unauthorized wearing of a military uniform or any distinctive part thereof and false statements as to receipt of military decorations or medals for the purpose of obtaining money, property, or some other tangible benefit.”

I dare say that wearing a Captain’s beret, posing with the Silver Star badge, Commander’s Wings, claiming to be a Vietnam Veteran in a book that is sold online, across state lines, and posting on an author’s den and Amazon bio that you were in special forces and in the Mayaquez incident, all fall under violations of both this Federal Law and current New Jersey state law.



“Ghost Stalkers” star, David M. Rountree’s Alleged Stolen Valor!

This guy is a real piece of work.  It is unbelievable that this one man has over 300 pictures… of himself! He’s bragged for years about accolades he never earned and challenged people to “Google him”.  And they did. He attacks anyone who questions him but then says that people need to think critically.  Why can he question other people and attack their credentials when he knows damn well he lied about his?  But the worst thing is, this guy committed STOLEN VALOR!  If he did serve in the Air Force, then he’s an even bigger piece of crap because he knows better.  He wasn’t at those places in Vietnam and he didn’t win those awards.  Read on….(click the Rountree expose link) Rountree expose


Something isn’t right about this uniform… especially since he only served 6 years. Can you figure out what all is wrong?

This guy.... I mean really? For your enemies???

This guy…. I mean really? For your enemies???