“Ghost Stalkers” star, David M. Rountree’s Alleged Stolen Valor!

This guy is a real piece of work.  It is unbelievable that this one man has over 300 pictures… of himself! He’s bragged for years about accolades he never earned and challenged people to “Google him”.  And they did. He attacks anyone who questions him but then says that people need to think critically.  Why can he question other people and attack their credentials when he knows damn well he lied about his?  But the worst thing is, this guy committed STOLEN VALOR!  If he did serve in the Air Force, then he’s an even bigger piece of crap because he knows better.  He wasn’t at those places in Vietnam and he didn’t win those awards.  Read on….(click the Rountree expose link) Rountree expose


Something isn’t right about this uniform… especially since he only served 6 years. Can you figure out what all is wrong?

This guy.... I mean really? For your enemies???

This guy…. I mean really? For your enemies???